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Creating free power without burning fossil fuel was made possible as far back as 1915 and could have been imposed in the 1920s.

But not the solar power of which you are possibly thinking about whilst reading this sentence. If you have read all the chapters in this book you may be: Guessing its to do with the true behaviour of vibration frequency waves. But its defiantly, not the visible waveband nor ultraviolet light. The latter being what solar panels use to make power.

We have to look at the whole wave spectrum for the most vibration wave types. Yes, we are looking at vibration power. So what vibrates the most dynamically within the whole wave spectrum?

I am very surprised that Nicolas Tesla of whom was messing around with a vibration machine he had invented.

Some called it Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine:

He constructed a simple device consisting of a piston suspended in a cylinder, which bypassed the necessity of a camshaft driven by a rotating power source, such as a gasoline or steam engine. In this way, he hoped to overcome the loss of power through friction produced by the old system. This small device also enabled Tesla to try out his experiments in resonance. Every substance has a resonant frequency which is demonstrated by the principle of sympathetic vibration; the most obvious example is the wine glass shattered by an opera singer (or a tape recording for you couch potatoes.) If this frequency is matched and amplified, any material may be literally shaken to pieces.

A vibrating assembly with an adjustable frequency was finally perfected, and by 1897, Tesla was causing trouble with it in and near the neighbour hood around his loft laboratory. Reporter A.L. Besnson wrote about this device in late 1911 or early 1912 for the Hearst tabloid The World Today. After fastening the resonator (“no larger than an alarm clock”) to a steel bar (or “link”) two feet long and two inches thick:

He set the vibrator in “tune” with the link. For a long time nothing happened; vibrations of machine and link did not seem to coincide, but at last, they did and the great steel began to tremble, increased its trembling until it dilated and contracted like a beating heart and finally broke.

Sledgehammers could not have done it; crowbars could not have done it, but a fusillade of taps, no one of which would have harmed a baby, did it. Tesla was pleased with his oscillating machine. So Tesla had very good background knowledge about frequencies.

Tesla’s oscillating machine

The amazing power of noise frequencies by vibrating atoms is, in fact, the best way to make free energy anywhere any place in the universe. Tesla only had to do a bit of backward engineering to achieve his dream of free energy everywhere.

The Character and Power of sound

  1. Sound can be recorded

  2. It does not need to be played through speakers

  3. It can be used directly as an input into a vibration generator or many vibration generators. Without losing volume or vibration strength.

  4. No need for solar power or fossil fuel to be used to constantly generate the noise.

  5. Fully portable

  6. Can be sent by radio waves and be wireless

  7. It can produce multiple amounts of energy that it uses tho power the sound source.

Its already being used to power up cell phone on WIFI. In ongoing experiments.

We have been however highly polluting our planet by burning fossil fuels

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