Well 6 days to go to a day deemed to be the end of of Great Britain’s EU enslavement.

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The problem is we should of never been put in such a position in the first place. The EU so called experiment failed even its funding father Soros has admitted its a total failure. He has exited from the problem he caused over the past 60 odd years. The EU banks are in a complete mess the Euro is not worth the paper its printed on.  Our government has broke every law concerning sovereignty being traitors is but half the problem.

Their are now political party businesses that are swindling money out of members that are foolish enough to join them. We have big donation scams that should be made illegal by law. Corruption is rife, with law and want to be law makers feeding at the donation troughs.Its got to a point we can not trust any person calling themselves a politician if you do you a complete idiot.

We now have a reform party that is actually run by a bunch of political dictators in it for the money to be made. I country is in a very sorry state. Where our veterans and military feel let down. Ex soldiers taken to court just for doing their duty years after they served and even exonerated of blame. We have Terrorist terrorizing our streets  and tha’ts because of our very stupid politicians.

Its going to take a lot of reform to sort the total mess out. this is gone further than normal politics as our country is run by a criminal element.

We have a big lump of lard sitting in number Ten whom is trying to fool the public he wants us out of the EU of course he lies as he is a politician.

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