This photo was designed to scare you and your government.

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This photo caused panic in china, it was released to the public by the Chinese authorities seeming to prove china could handle viruses like Elbola with its top of the art medical equipment and laboratories.

Yes every thing seen is the state of the medical profession art but the virus concerned is not dangerous its just a flu virus. Even the patients were fooled. the medics in those cyborg type suits were part of a stupid experiment.

his caused absolute panic in China whom have made the false pandemic put to shame the fact the world is not organized for a real life threatening deadly virus. But the fact is nor is china it Self as the real flu is very contagious and totally out of control. In Asia we have all been infected.

Who wins at the end of the day certainty not China but WHO and the pharmacies of whom smart investors are and will invested in.

But you the world citizen are scared of the real thing and your country can not defend you.



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