The surgical mask problem

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Just look at these people that have already got the flu, wearing masks of fear and this stupidity can be seen all across the world due to a media and social media scare.

Those masks give very little protection against any viruses. and flu is still spreading fast. People believe anything surgical masks are used to prevent human fluids from infection patients under going surgery. They have been overrated in hospitals for over a century or so. Their more prevention of spreading bacteria if anything. Only oxygen fed masks with filters are effective control against viruses. That’s why they are used in anti virus controlled laboratories.  Even military gas masks are not designed to be effective against viruses.

Then people like me that are wise to these facts are amused at you lack of common sense. However I try not to laugh as you know no better, you have had no training concerning virus control other than wash your hands.

We are under attack by these microscopic devils everyday of our lives.


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