If only we had a real statesman as one of our leaders of whom would expose the China hoax.

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Not one of our politicians in UK, have exposed the Chinese Corona viruses, as a criminal cyber medical attack on the west.  We have one of the best government military controlled laboratory’s, in the world. To do research on this strain of rhinovirus. We also have top class medical wards to quarantine patients that have come in touch with the said virus.

Would it not be great if our new hero of the moment, gets this virus thoroughly checked out and stops the scare mongering. Your notice that Nigel Farage, has not said any thing about the virus hoax. Come on we need real political hero’s, to show how great Britain can be.

We have top medical experts that have trained in, the best medical universities in the world (in bonny Scotland.)

We have military experts on the control of bio chemical warfare, the prime minster as control, of sorting the virus issue out. Plus confirming the following:


Just look at these people that have already got the flu, wearing masks of fear and this stupidity can be seen all across the world, due to a media and social media scare mongering.

Those masks give very little protection against any viruses and the flu is still spreading fast. People believe anything, surgical masks are actually used to prevent human fluids from infection patients under going surgery. They have been overrated in hospitals for over a century or so. They are more for prevention of spreading bacteria, if anything. Only oxygen fed masks with filters, are effective control against viruses. That’s why they are used, in anti virus controlled laboratories.  Even military gas masks, are not designed to be effective against viruses. any veteran could confirm that.  Boris could get good advice from the MOD on that fact.


We are under attack by these microscopic devils everyday of our lives.

We need to get China to provide proof of the number of deaths and submit samples of this so called deadly virus. Lets face it even China could not handle a real bad pandemic the medical equipment may look great but it certainly not could control the real thing.

Our hero Boris Johnson could prove, he is one of the best statesman in the World.    

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