Huge Brexiteer celebrations erupt on Parliament Square the moment UK officially leaves EU

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PASSIONATE Brexit celebrations broke out across Parliament Square as Britain officially left the European Union when the clocks struck 11pm last night.

Source: Huge Brexiteer celebrations erupt on Parliament Square the moment UK officially leaves EU

Britain has officially left the European Union, after more three years of deadlocked negotiations ended in Brexiteer jubiliation across the UK. Celebrations broke out across Parliament Square when the clock struck 11pm on Friday, marking the moment that millions of Brexiteers had waited for. Hundreds of Leave supporters had piled into Parliament Square to count down to the historic moment that ends 47 years of British membership of the EU.

Earlier Boris Johnson spoke to the nation an hour before Britain left the EU.

In a video message, Mr Johnson urged the country to look forward, adding it was “a moment of real national renewal”.

He hailed Brexit as a “new dawn,” adding: “Our job as the Government – my job – is to bring this country together and take us forward.”

Nigel Farage led the Leave Means Leave Brexit Day celebrations at Parliament Square last night


The Brexit Party leader earlier tweeted: “At last the day comes when we break free. A massive victory for the people against the establishment.”

Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe, Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin, broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer and Brexit Party chair Richard Tice were also in attendance.

Video footage uploaded on social media throughout the evening showed crowds of Brexiteers chanting and celebrating as they pile into Parliament Square

The official exit from the EU brings to an end over three years of political deadlock following the original 2016 referendum, in which 52 percent of voters backed Brexit.


Remainers held counter protest in response to the Brexiteers, with several anti-Brexit activists organising candelight vigils to mourn the loss of the EU.

Vigils across Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Oxfordshire have been organised to celebrate Britain’s 47-year membership of the EU.


A vigil in Cariff was intended to show that “the values which held us together as members of the EU remain as we leave”.

Vigils in Scotland, which were titled Leave A Light On gatherings, took place in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Stirling.

The Scottish Remainers urged the EU “not to forget Scotland,” complaining that they were being “dragged out” of the EU by the rest of the UK.

In Brussels, EU officials tried to “spoil” Brexiteer celebrations by taking down the Union flag earlier than scheduled, instead of creating “a moment”.

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