How deadly is coronavirus?

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coronavirus fatality rate vs flu how deadly is coronavirus flu death toll 2020
a strain of the coronavirus

Looking at the people that have had Flu symptom out side of China the center point of the infection

Coronavirus fatality rate vs flu: Coronavirus map
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Very few have been claimed as having died, from the Coronavirus outside of China. If the virus strain is not properly identified by its true strain code, it is incorrect to assume its all the same strain. There maybe thousands of strains of the Coronavirus, that all have caused the same symptoms, present in earths atmosphere. China seemingly has not released a sample, of what they have said is a new deadly strain of the Coronavirus. So no one in any laboratory can confirm anything about its spread other than they are dealing with flu.
The coronavirus tracker developed by Johns Hopkins University, can not confirm it the same mutant strain of the Chines virus. That would be an impossible task all they are tracking is reports of flu and claims of deaths by Pneumonia. Viral pneumonia is a complication of the viruses that cause colds and the flu. It accounts for about one third of pneumonia cases. The virus invades your lungs and causes them to swell, blocking your flow of oxygen.

Coronavirus fatality rate vs flu: SARS outbreak
This just disinfects a area for 15 minutes or so

Most peoples immune systems fight viruses 24 hours per day, only the very young, Elderly and people with very low immunity could die from any Coronavirus. There is no way to stop any virus infection other than a good immune system and the latest vaccination.

Coronavirus fatality rate vs flu: Coronavirus case

Coronavirus fatality rate vs flu: Coronavirus case
Only real oxygen masks fed by oxygen tanks and full protective suits can protect you from contact from viruses.
Wearing masks in public, surgical or otherwise will definitely not! However personal hygiene can help in not spreading virus to others.
But it’s our opinion that Chinese Coronavirus is just the one the latest flu’s in what is the main flue season of the year. In fact its very cold in China at this time of year.
It’s also a Chinese medical hoax and total propaganda to make money and scare the world. The problem is the World Health Organization is not doing a good job.

It also making money from this flue hoax.

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