‘No EU slavery!’ Germans call for DEXIT a week after hailing Brexit success

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GERMANS are demanding their own Brexit – dubbed ‘Dexit’ – as Deutschland politicians are battling tirelessly to follow Britain’s lead to quit the EU as a matter of urgency.

Source: ‘No EU slavery!’ Germans call for DEXIT a week after hailing Brexit success

Berlin’s right-wing populist AfD party leader Björn Höcke and MEP Beatrix von Storch are in the process of selling Dexit to the rest of the party in order to use it as the main feature of their manifesto in the next election. Mr Höcke said: “The majority of the German people also want to get out of EU slavery.” He made a speech as he watched the celebrations in London at 11pm on Brexit Day.

But Mr Höcke faces an uphill battle.

Former party leader Alexander Gauland said in 2016 that he regretted Britain’s exit.

At the AfD European Election Party Conference in early 2019, Mr Gauland also issued a stark warning.

He said: “Whoever is playing with the idea of a Dexit has to to face the question, it is not a utopia and should we not be more realistic.”

The MEP and spokesman for the AfD Jörg Meuthen hinted it is possible the party may come around to the concept.

He said: “The EU has not learned any lessons from Brexit.

“Continuing dictation by Brussels, curtailment of elementary national freedoms, senseless and endless cost driving.”

It comes after Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, an outspoken Brexiteer, named the three countries that he believes will soon follow Britain out of the EU.

Mr Hannan said: “The question is not if Britain will rejoin the EU.

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