Well it’s a very bad winter, so what do people really expect. 

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Every winter fuels the common cold in many ways, The very elderly can not afford to keep warm and the stress and depression lowers their immune system. Many middle age people unknowingly suffer from SAD even though they can afford to keep warm its symptoms lowers their immune system.

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In Britain there will be many deaths caused by Bad weather this factor, this year is over hyped by the news media that factor adds stress to not only the weakest in society. But the young families, with young children it’s really a cruel world. Where there are rich people making money, out of scaring the middle class.

Just look at the news media today, with hyped up stories on the Coronavirus and the present winder storm.

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Of course in one more month these pending threats, of you could die will fade away and the virus will be declared to be dealt with, plus we will see a new flu vaccination and a said to be, more effective medication against the Coronavirus.

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