The Edinburgh cure for the common cold coronavirus virus factor.  

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Ever since the first Chinese medical student Doctor Wong Fun studied at the medical university in Edinburgh. The republic of China have sent their top medical students to study in the Edinburgh medical university. As you will notice that the top Chinese medical scientist all studied in Scotland’s top Medical university. Their main interest is finding a cure for the common cold.

All Chinese doctors and specialist have studied medicine at either at Yale USA or, and Edinburgh university that are working on the Chinese coronavirus propaganda scare. That being the most interesting factor about this whole intriguing virus subject.

Its also interesting that even a Scottish run  religious society is rooted into what seems to be a Pharma started propaganda hoax. Incredibly a protestant missionary movement is heavily involved, named after Wong fun the first Chinese Edinburgh student. Seemingly it’s all about using old Chinese medicine remedies instead of anti-biotic’s.

Doctor Wong Fun: A native of Hsiang-shan, Canton, Wong studied at Morrison Education Society School, in Macao. In 1847, he and two others, Wong Shing and Yung Wing, became the first three Chinese students to the study in the United States. After graduating in 1850 with a degree in literature from Monson Academy in Massachusetts, Wong Fun went to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 1850 through the financial support of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society and completed his studies in medicine in 1855.

This is not a joke!

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