Coronavirus WAR: Trump furiously hits back at China after accusing US of starting pandemic

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Tensions between the US and China were once again simmering after the White House issued a strong rebuke to ambassador Cui Tiankai over Beijing’s attempts to blame America for the coronavirus epidemic.

Source: Coronavirus WAR: Trump furiously hits back at China after accusing US of starting pandemic

This has gone way beyond common sense these and many other leaders have put the whole worlds economies at risk and soon we will see people starving to death. Due to the common cold virus.

Acting like dance monkeys blocking common sense is not the way to handle a virus that is not that deadly to the world’s population. What we are seeing is utter madness. The elitist need to just let the virus do its natural damage and stop trying to beat the virus taking,  its natural toll of damage. Yes of course treatment of patient is needed. But quarantine of people with flu or colds should cease. Washing hands and hygiene should be promoted as with seeing a doctor if people feel very ill. Even fresh air and exercise should be promoted.

Wearing face masks should not be promoted, as it restricts breathing fresh air. Only medical staff should wear such mask to stop the spread of bad bacteria in hospital of which is the main reason they are worn.

The convirus-19 concern is not worthy of closing down everyday normal business and commercial affairs.

The fact is China and USA are making things worst for humanity. Both are responsible in starting a pandemic. They need to get together and stop all this political crap forth with. It’s past the political global chess match. It needs both to concede their present game and knock their kings over. Or the world is heading for a complete shutdown.

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