Conning political virus, Well its totally bad news for religion

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It would seem government deem religion is dangerous so are going to great lengths to destroy its roots.

This lockdown ploy has already banned Easter, the effects on the Catholic’s faith will be brutal and hard. In countries such as the Philippines. Fiestas have been banned. On Easter the normal tradition is that whole families celebrate in the villages they call home. This means a mass exodus from all around the globe and the Philippine Islands to go home. The world lockdown makes it impossible to travel anywhere.  All big meeting are banned.

The longer the lockdown the more disinterest the faithfully will get.

Even though I am an atheist I feel sorry for citizens culture under attack as its where partnerships are born. Boy meets girl and new romances are born at religious festivals.

In my opinion we are seeing the end of all religions and being taught to be unsociable. To be frightened in other peoples presence.

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