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The whole problem is caused by fear stirred up by politicians and political parties. Worthless so-called experts.

The world medical data supplied to public never mentions things like AIDS and HIV and the actual ages of those that have died over 80 years old. Demographics facts are left out. Big cities are full of HIV sufferers and designer drug addicts with damaged immune systems. Even a simple cold can kill them.

New yorks demographics show high percentage rates of HIV and AID sufferers it an illegal drug Paradise as well.   It has a very high rate of wealthy people over the age of 60 and those over 80 whom are sinking in their own fat all on medication and cannon fodder for thousands of rich surgeons. New York today records 32966 cases of convir-19 with 366 deaths 0 recoveries and 840 serious cases hospitalized. The population of the city is 8.5 million.

Looking at big cities in the world we see a similar situation.

If we had carried on without political interference our presently underrated immune system would have seen us through just a slight rise of deaths throughout the flu season this year. Now we are going to see a big rise in suicidal deaths and starvation in the third world.and in our modern now dying cities.

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