Is softly, softly Sweden heading for catastrophe?

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Is Sweden heading for catastrophe?  I don’t think so as they always tend to be very sensible about the common cold virus. This is one of the coldest countries in the world.

The citizen are experts in boosting up the immune systems and keeping warm but wearing the right amount of clothes.

There has been 4435 reported flu cases 180 flu related deaths 16 covered and taken of the serious list 306 hospitalized. This being normal in their winter month.   The country has some very harsh winters as do its neighbouring countries the governments know they have work thought all kinds of weathers to have good economies.

Countries such as Holland in north Europe are halting their close-down before Easter.

Meanwhile USA is in a panic  with people scared to death. The Media will not mention the countries doing the same as Sweden. Where people are remaining sane and very happy. 

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