We need to start trusting nature and not pharma companies.

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We are equipped with a very powerful immune system and it’s not drugs  that save our lives. it’s our ability to mutate faster than the viruses. We have become over the top hygiene careful. Wanting to smell nice has actually led to polluting our environment with unneeded chemicals and sprays.

Who should we blame?

Well mainly the Pharma companies. Whom  have invented vaccines to improve our immune systems against small pox and other killer viruses. But the human race still would have survived without them. I for instance am a survivor of small pox, chicken pox. Polio and the  Measles.  I had two sisters that  died of the measles before I was born just after WWII. My first vaccination was given in 1955 of which was for small pox. I am not anti vaccination I have been a pin cushion whilst I was in the Military. I also have gained natural immunity of Dengie, malaria and sleeping sickness and have mutated into someone that has naturally made into a person that can survive the tropics.

Our bodies are amazing when it comes to be one or two steps a head of killer viruses. Most of us do not need social distancing  certainly. Socializing is good for mind and body.  We have to work and earn money. What we have been forced into is no good for man kind, as we are a social creature.

We need to wake up or humanity will die through stupidity and greed from the few that imposed this stupidity on human kind.



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