Common sense? Since the world wide pandemic started There has not been any! 

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Common sense means the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.

Since March this year common sense has been thrown out the window. In fact maybe the situation between the European Union. Prior to the end of last year caused fear of a total breakdown in the whole of the EU nations. The crowds massing to the streets and the threats of riots in most of the 28 EU states.

Then the build up of Islamic terrorism, the none stoppable migration from the third world and non-sustainable  over population and world pollution. Too much control by Soros and his peers the super rich elite.

The problem with world politics is that every nation is run by criminals. Every profession has been made corrupt by criminals.

The fact at the end of the day is someone is still in charge of what’s going on. But who?

Common sense needs to be scrubbed from the dictionary. No one in power seems to not have any.




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