Which Disease are people actually dying of?

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The lack of respirator machines should have by now hinted firmly the main cause of convirus-19 deaths. Flu is a duel virus infection. Whereas a cold is just a one virus infection. The rhino virus on its own is not a killer virus.

Knowing these simple facts helps to point to a real cure.

We then also know that stopping people spraying the infection more than halves the virus spreading from one host to another.

We know that the cold virus mutates in each host very quickly but the pneumonia virus takes more than 20 years to mutate.

We can help people to breathe better using cough cures we can even help ease the respiratory system by using antibiotics that kills the bad bacteria.

There are vaccines that can boost the human immune system and at present we have both of them in stock worldwide.


Pneumonia Vaccine May Not Be Necessary for Older Adults


GSK ships 2019-20 seasonal influenza vaccines for US market

You can get vaccinated by your doctor, clinic or at a hospital. Both vaccines have been tested and work. Don’t be fooled by the pandemic hoax.  You need to look after you and your family and brush away the fear being used to brainwash you.

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