Prevention is some times as effective as a cure.

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One can not trust the media nor any government department whilst this hoax is going on. Your doctor can help you get preventive immunization.

In fact in this pandemic they started, the first action should have been to vaccinate  those at risk of dying  through flu complications.

In fact everybody should have been vaccinated to build up their immunity against the pneumonia  virus. Of which is  the main reason people die after catching the flu.

The pneumonia  virus does not mutate its genomes remain the same. This means one vaccine injection is only need once in a lifetime.  That we could eradicate this virus from being a real problem to humans. But it would be best to have a booster vaccination every 10 years and more boosters when you are over the age of 55.

The actual flu jab will boost your immunity against catching the rhino cold virus itself.

So it really should be a fight against the pneumonia  virus and panic and fear.


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