The corruption of the world of science,

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Like anything that can make lots of money crooks get totally involved. Some of the most famous scientist were con artist and rogues of their time.  Most noticeably in the last 3 centuries, the USA became word leaders of scientific crime

.Who was Max Planck? - Universe Today

One of the criminals being Albert Einstein, who whilst mixing with gangsters and crooks in Chicago and New York.  He joined over science gangsters and opportunist. He employed his first wife of whom was the real genius.

His fraudulent friend Max Planck was bribed to include Albert in one of the most outlandish plans to promote the petrol engine, They with other members of so-called academics  invented Quantum physics. Of which was a theory based science and not a real science.It started a whole industry of fake research.

We now have cartoon labs using Disney cartoon technology you will not find any true photos of the universe we can see nor photos of atoms or germs.

This factor has allowed our planet to be highly polluted by pharma and oil companies as Einstein and Planck convinced politicians that the electric engines or hydrogen power was not the way forward for our civilization.

Teaching real science to the young is something that is not done. Virology has been a neglected science that factor is very apparent at this moment. How can we trust science if its corrupt at the core.





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