Welcome to the new norm.

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Most of you are suffering from loss of income, in this new norm and many are trying to  find new avenues of making more money to improve your way of living.

The greedy normal con artist will be trying harder to con you out of any savings or little amount of income you have left to survive on.

Con merchants want you to join their shady get rich pyramid schemes using the phone or on the internet. Even they are getting desperate as its costing more money to run scams.

The new norm is here to stay, this is not a short term experiment run from the Sorus headquarters in Switzerland. It’s at least a ten-year plan.

Even the elitist are suffering their status has gone down it’s got much harder to socialize in this new world order, and they had to tighten up their belts.

On the political scene thing are not looking good and the economy is suffering. We seem to have no good guy in politics that are working as servants to the people. It looks ripe for a military take over in Europe.  The rioting has really built up.

Welcome to the new nasty looking norm.

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